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Сумки для взвешивания,хранения

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FOX Deluxe weight bar

The Deluxe Weigh Bar is designed to take the strain out of weighing fish, featuring a Carabiner style clip for quick and easy attachment to scales and textured rubber safe grip handles to provide a firm and comfortable grip.


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FOX weighing pole handle

Designed to take the strain out of weighing fish, this screw in handle with its anodized aluminum crook features a 3/8” BSF thread and includes a ‘soft touch’ sculptured overmoulded handle to provide a firm and comfortable grip.


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Collapsable water bucket inc rope /clip

• Welded PVC construction  • Collapsible design for easy storage  • Rigid top ring  • 4.5 litre capacity  • Removable 1.6m drop cord with clip to aid filling  • Approximate dimensions: 16.5cm diameter, 23cm high  • Perfect for fishcare, cleaning hands, mixing groundbait and multiple other uses


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FOX Weighing Tri pod

This new addition perfectly complements the recently launched new Digital Weighing Scales and is ideally suited to anglers that are either weighing fish on their own, or needing to weigh very large carp and need that extra support and stability that a weighing tri-pod can offer.• Two-piece legs with spigot in the middle to stop the legs from...


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FOX weigh bar inc case

This dual purpose weigh bar features a compact design and comes supplied in its own protective carry case...• Bar comprises of 3 parts – two handle sections and the ‘hook’ section • The two handles screw together with ‘hook’ in middle • The bar can be used as a standard weigh bar for weighing fish or you...


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STR Camo Flotation Weight Sling

Zipped on three sides to sit flat on your unhooking mat ready for a fi sh the STR (Short Term Retention) Flotation Weigh Sling is built around full length fl oats which support a lightweight, fish-friendly, soft nylon and mesh retention section which is dark and designed to maximise water exchange to ensure fi sh rest quietly and safely.An integral...


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Easy Mat XL

• Fish-safe protective cover • Rapid set up and pack away • Carry bag included • 50mm foam baseSize: 119x66x88 cmTransp.size:  88x60x13Weight: 3.4 kg


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FOX Easy Mat standard

• Fish-safe protective cover • Rapid set up and pack away • Carry bag included • 50mm foam baseSize: 108 x 50 x 15 cmTransp.size: 52x56x13Weight: 2.5 kg


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FOX Royale Carp Sack 120 x 80cm

• Dimensions: 120 x 80cm • Cord Length: 4.8m • Threaded Bankstick Attachment • Fish Friendly Soft Dark Mesh • Full Length ZIp with Secure Clip Fastening


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Deluxe Carpmaster Cradle Xl

With the outer finished in our unique Ven-Tec® fabric this is the ultimate mat system designed to make it a safe and seamless process to cradle and retain carp within a totally secure and safe environment for unhooking and photography purposes. The unique design enables one side to be folded flat for kneeling whilst the other remains upright to retain...